Linda Read of Woodbrook Estates Has Earned Happiness!! (Read Pro.)

What Attracts YOU TO SHUFFLEBOARD?? Read this Story. You May Find a Positive Reason!!

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Diana 1st 2014  posing with Linda ReadIF YOU LIVE A HAPPY LIFE, YOU WILL LIVE LONGER!!

Lois and I got to know Linda Read when her and husband Bob relocated from Clearwater to Woodbrook Estates in Lakeland. Bob and Linda Read joined us in Woodbrook Estates in early October, 2013, moving into unit 247. The Reads live in Wasaga Beach, ON Canada (the longest fresh water beach in the world) where they purchased a new home in a retirement community located on a golf course.

linda lois disney nov 2014Linda personifies happiness whatever she does!!  For example we spent a day at Disney visiting all the non-pay areas beginning on the Boardwalk and ending up in Downtown Disney.  Did we have a great time?? The 4 of us are still talking about it!! And that happened over 1 year ago!!!!

While the conversation is varied, there is a common theme, and that theme is SHUFFLEBOARD!! Linda has been working on…

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1 Response to Linda Read of Woodbrook Estates Has Earned Happiness!! (Read Pro.)

  1. Glen Peltier says:

    We miss Linda and Bob in Clearwater. They were both spark plugs for our club. I miss Bob playing his horn to entertain us at parties. Good luck to you both. You were good students. Glen Peltier.


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