We Highlight Amateur Events!! This Week’s, and Look Forward To Next Week!! Next Week is SPECIAL!!

The FL Amateurs  had one of their weekly tournament to-day, 2016 11 29, at Clearwater, and one at Spanish Lakes.  To view the Results of the Clearwater Tournament, go here: http://www.fsa-shuffleboard.org/Tournaments/A06A_Results.txt  No results posted for the Spanish Lakes Tournament as of Wednesday, Nov 30th at 08:55.

The NATIONAL AMATEUR MIXED DOUBLES beginning 2016 12 05 is the only Mixed Doubles Amateur event in the Florida Circuit!!  (See Centre Fold) This event began in 2004 when Yours Truly was the President of Avon Park and the late Don Norris was the President of the US National Organization.  Don and I burnt up a good deal of time at our computers as we negotiated the inception of this event.  I believe it has been a positive tournament, and it just may be interesting to determine the “numbers” for this (Mixed Doubles) event and compare the participation rate with all of the other Amateur Events at State Level. All others are ANY DOUBLES.  I am confident that someone on the State Board will be conducting this type of analysis!

max tateIt is always difficult to get Respected Promotional People at these Amateur Events!  This Year, 2016 12 05, Max Tate will be representing Rob Robinson, the US NSA President at the Juanita Harlow National Mixed Doubles!!  Max has taken on this responsibility several times before.  He will share with the Participants the wonderful story of Juanita!!

I will have more details as we get closer to the event!!  Watch for it on The Shuffler!

Stan McCormack.  2016 11 30.



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