CAN-AM Tournament Hosted by Golden Vista RV Resort in AZ!! We Give You the Leadup by Ken Wardley!!

golden vista We are pleased to  share with you the Results of the Major Can-Am Tournament held in Golden Vista RV Resort in Arizona!!  This year’s registration set a record; 176 signed up to enter!!!

Ken WardleyKen Wardley Speaks: Here at Golden Vista RV Resort we have 1075 lots, mostly made up of Americans sprinkled with a few Canadians.  The park is about 30 years old and really the most friendly of all the parks here in the East Valley.  We have been at this park for 13 years and have owned for 10 of those years.

Ultimately we started to become involved with Shuffleboard and in fact I was the Tournament Director for that first year.  That was a job, but we got through it.  We noticed that the numbers were starting to fall off, and it was suggested that we should go to Mixed format, consisting of one American and one Canadian.  Obviously the Ladies were delighted because they always felt left out of the Doubles events.

When this happened, immediately we noticed an increase in excitement and now the Men were scrambling to look for Cdn. women and vice versa.  So, the next year we increased our participation and each year thereafter. We have had wonderful support from everyone.  As an example of the significant growth of the event, in 2010 we had 56 register to compete; in 2014 we had 74 entries or 144 people and this year and we have just completed our Can-Am tournament and we had 88 entries or 176 participants!!  Shuffleboard is alive and well in Arizona and there is every indication it will continue to grow!!

Ken (Wardley) will send along the Results, accompanied by pix, as soon as they become available.  Stan McCormack.  2016 12 02 08:45.   

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