“Dot” Clark Has Left Us; May She Rest In Peace!! Fond Memories of “Dot” and Kissimmee.

dot-clark Dorothy Clark  Winston-Salem – Dorothy Spence Clark died on Wednesday November 30, 2016 at Arbor Acres Retirement Community, Winston-Salem, NC.  Memorials may be made to Arbor Acres.

Dorothy/Dot/Dottie Clark married Darwin (Bud) Clark (deceased 1999).  She grew up and spent her working/homemaking years in Northern New York.  In the late 1970’s, they retired to St. Cloud, FL and were active in St. Cloud Presbyterian Church, the Kissimmee/KAST Club and St. Cloud Senior Center.  Dot and Bud loved to play cards and shuffleboard.  Dot directed shuffleboard tournaments at the local, regional, state, and national levels.  She also served as Treasurer for the Thriftee Center of the St. Cloud Presbyterian Church until she turned 90 and “thought it was time to give it up”.  They always loved to travel around the U.S.

In 2012, she moved to North Carolina to be closer to her daughter.  She is survived by two daughters (Jean Davis of Winston-Salem, NC and Jane Formaniak of Plano, TX), eight grandchildren and five great grandchildren.  She was preceded in death by one son, Darwin Clark III.

Here is an article from The Shuffler highlighting some of Dot’s Contribution to Shuffleboard.


45-k-mon-dot-presentsDid you ever notice that the members of the KAST Club will never ever be heard to refer to their Club as anything other than the KAST CLUB?  KAST, the Kissimmee All States Tourist Club where local residents have been greeting tourists with a full slate of activities since 1924. 

For readers of The Shuffler, the best activity on the slate is Shuffleboard, and perhaps the best known person associated with Shuffleboard is Dot Clark.  Dot, shown above left, has been managing tournaments for some 25 yearsIt was Dot who put together the historical notes read at the opening of the final Shuffleboard Tournament ever, at the KAST Club on February 26th, 2009.   It was Dot who acted as a contact person with the City when plans first began to incorporate the KAST Club into an integrated city park.   

Can you imagine the positive impact on Shuffleboard if each of us contributed at the same level as Dot!!

Dot will not be “out of a job” as a result of the KAST closing!!  She will remain active in tournament directing for the local in inter club activities in the Kissimmee-St Cloud Area.

Stan McCormack.  (Posted originally in 2009) And again on the occasion of her PASSING 2016 12 02.  (Dot left us on 2016 11 30)

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