We Acknowledge Very Special Shufflers at the Opening of the Roll of Champions! We Begin with Helen Biaggi.

Helen Biaggi; Top Finisher in Women's Roll of Champions; 2015-2016

Helen Biaggi; Top Finisher in Women’s Roll of Champions; 2015-2016 Pic by Colleen Austin

Helen Biaggi Earned More Points Than Any Other Female Player in 2015-2016 

Helen Biaggi Speaks: To finish in the top eight is quite an achievement, to finish in the Number One position is a wonderful feeling of accomplishment. Throughout the season placements change on a weekly basis, it’s both exciting and disappointing at times.

I was thrilled to be in the top eight, but as the final tournament approached, I realized I had a chance to regain the lead from my good friend Dianna Allen.  My final match was against Ali Enos. Everything seemed to go my way, I was playing well and feeling confident after a long competitive season. I WON, giving me a two point lead.  Winning the Roll of Champions is a great honor. I feel most fortunate, as I realize this could have happened to any one of the other seven ladies. 

I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Henry Strong for finishing first in the Men’s Roll of Champions. Also, my congratulations to all the Men and Women who finished in the top eight positions. 

Helen Biaggi.  2016 12 05.

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