Roll of Champions Tournament. P10 Results Below. 2016 12 08.

Great Pic of THE GREAT CROWD!!!

Great Pic of THE GREAT CROWD!!! Click once on the pic to expand!



chuck-hodsonChuck Hodson was pleased; to say the least, that elite Hall of Famer Paul Prescott thought so much of his talent that he asked him to be his partner for the Championship.  Prescott, of the Lakeland Shuffleboard Club, knew what he was doing.  Prescott is an outstanding kitchen player and felt he could keep the games under control and Hodson, no slouch at the kitchen, but better known for his hide and seek style didn’t disappoint scoring bundles of points and they needed them as every match went to a 3rd game but Prescott was able to win every lag for color giving them the advantage in each match.  Hodson can expect his stock to rise and to be in demand after such a great showing.

glenda-brake-diane-bardsleyIn the women’s division Diane Bardsley teamed with Glenda Brake to win the Championship.  Bardsley is an excellent off color player and she put her talent to the test as they lost two lags for color and had to win being at a distinct disadvantage.  Brake, an excellent kitchen player kept them in the games until they could figure out how to win.  The final match went until 7:00 in the evening so they had to beat off the mosquitoes too.

Go here for complete RESULTS:

Article by Earl Ball.  2016 12 08

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One Response to Roll of Champions Tournament. P10 Results Below. 2016 12 08.

  1. Glenna & David Earle says:

    Well done to all the great shufflers at Lakeland Roll of Champions tournament. So happy for Charlie Hodson and Paul Prescott. Congratulations to all the winners. Great job by Diane and Glenda also. Not there to see it all but glad to hear the outcome. Congrats also to my good friends Myrna & Colleen. Asked Myrna to win this one for me and she worked hard to place for the first time at this venue. Great job gals. Thanks Stan for the update and to Earl for the coverage.


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