Glen Peltier Takes Us Back to “Some of the Great Players”!! Article 3 in Glen’s 2016 Series.

Glen P. face onlyBecause the players in my 2nd article were so strong I feel I have to add many new things to the story.  It seems every year Charlie Bone, Bob Jones, Rosaire Biron, Ken Worden,  Charlie McGee, Hans Strieb, George Cofrin, and Walt Davis played in many Masters.  (To refresh your memory on any of the Players listed, click: )

It made for a Powerful Masters; Ken was the complete player. He could do it all. He could clear. He had the soft touch; he could change his game in a minute.  Charlie Bone could play doubles or singles!  We used to play six singles and Charley won them all one year! Hans and Rosaire were the best board players.  Cofrin was a banger. Plenty of discs went into the sixth row in the stands at St. Pete.  Walt Davis also was a board player with a light touch.  They were all great.  Rosaire won 6 masters.  Bob Litts won 6 masters.

To be honest, they were all won on St. Pete Courts.  I might take flack but that is a very big advantage for St. Pete Club Members.  When the masters went on the road it was a different story.  I believe this part of the story reflects tough rivalry but it needed to be told.

I have other tough stories to tell in the coming weeks. Who was great?? Who could of been great, Who was the best shot maker. Who had the worst temper, Who was the biggest showboat.  All still to come.  Watch for it on Stan’s Blog!!

Glen Peltier.  2016 12 08

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One Response to Glen Peltier Takes Us Back to “Some of the Great Players”!! Article 3 in Glen’s 2016 Series.

  1. chris cermak says:

    I fully agree with Glen’s opinion of George Cofrin as a great player. He was also a wonderful individual. I played doubles with George for several years in Lakeside OH when I was in high school/college and still learning the game. He taught me alot while still enjoying the game. I feel so honored to have played with him even to this day.


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