Sochi Russia; Shufflers Have Lived the Olympic Experience!! We Visited in May of 2011. We will NEVER FORGET!!

It is just over 5 years since Shufflers from Canada, USA, and Germany experienced their adventure to Sochi Russia!! Not one of us will ever forget the friendliness of the Russian people; the “Great Russian Food” the Splendour and the comfort of our Hotel. Our Arrival and Departure Dinners were Magnificent!!!

The Celebration Is Over! The Adventure Begins

INDICATION OF THINGS TO COMEOur trip to Sochi Russia was MAGNIFICIENT!!  Those of us who experienced it, WILL NEVER FORGET!! 

Take a careful look at the TABLE above.  Notice the chairs, c/w blankets. Although not shown in the photo, a pianist was playing and well-dressed waitresses seemed to be everywhere.  The atmosphere said it all!  Imagine our reaction as we entered the outdoor patio and had our first glimpse of Russian Cuisine!! Water, Wine, Juices, Fresh Fruit, and an endless supply of Delicious Hors D’Ouvres & Aperitifs!!   And please believe me, it only got better as the Harry with Les Girls Sochidinner progressed!  Attractive young woman moved graciously to meet your every need, be it more wine or another serving of any of the multitude of dishes. (See pic to demonstrate my point!)  To climax the dinner after some two hours of Great Russian Food mixed with Great Shuffleboard Conversation came the main course.  Truthfully I believe most…

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