We Give You the District Tournament Results for FL’s WCD!! And Other Things You Really Needed to Know!!

John brown and stan boberWe give you a link to the WCD (West Coast District) Tournament AR10 Results.  http://wcdshuffle.yolasite.com/tournament-results.php  Stan tells me they had a good turnout!  Just in case there is someone out there that does not know EITHER OF THESE GENTLEMEN,  John Brown, in the red shirt is on the left, and Stan Bober, WCD Webmaster is on the right.  John has a penchant for writing and w post the results of his efforts right here on the blog!!  Dolores (Brown) sends the weekly article to me on Sunday night and I post it first thing Wednesday morning.

It just “hit me”: One thing Stan and John have in common is that each has a wife who directs tournaments!!!    When you click on the link above, and when the window opens, not only will you get the tournament results, you will also see a pic of Stan’s wife standing with State Tournament Director Glenn Monroe!

I believe in equal opportunity: Accordingly I must now give you a pic of John’s wife Dolores!!  Staying with equal opportunity, (you had to click on a link to see Betty) you will have to click on  this link to see Dolores!!  https://theshuffler.net/2016/12/07/john-brown-article-8-of-2016-2017-2016-12-07/

Both families set a fine example!  We thank the 4 of them.

To see the CD (Central District) Results: http://www.fsa-centraldistrict.org/Tournaments/CD08_Results.txt

Stan McCormack.  2016 12 10

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