Ernest Took A 80 Year Break From Shuffleboard!! I caution you about trying to Beat His Record!!!

Ernest Von Roretz Returns to Shuffleboard After a "Short Break"!!

Ernest Von Roretz Returns to Shuffleboard After a “Short Break”!!


Peter Davis of the UK (United Kingdom) Speaks: 

What’s the longest spell anyone can remember taken between 2 games of shuffleboard?  Well; we think we may be able to lay claim to some sort of record at our Wymondham (pronounced “Wind’um) Shufflers Club here in the UK.  

One of our most recent new members, Ernest von Roretz, is a sprightly and very active 92 year old with a fluid style and a good eye for the game.  However; he amazed us by saying the last time he played shuffleboard was on the deck of a ship, the Usaroma in 1936, on his way back to the UK from South Africa where his father had been posted.  We soon worked out that he was 12 years old at the time, hence he had gone 80 years between games!  We are pleased to report he is busy making up for lost time.  Can anyone beat that?? 

Article sent along by Peter Davis with THANKS!!  2016 12 18.

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