An Annual Christmas Tradition. Don’t Miss It!!

The Celebration Is Over! The Adventure Begins

shepherd1The year is 1957. An RAF (Royal Air Force) pilot is heading home from Germany for Christmas in his Vampire jet. Fog sets in, and all radio communication is lost. Fuel is running low and it is Christmas Eve.

You owe it to yourself to listen to this story. It is wonderful. Read by “As It Happens” Alan Maitland. A warm Christmas story written by Frederick Forsyth for his wife. I listen to it time and time again. It has been a CBC* tradition on “As It Happens” since 1979. (*CBC = Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. )

http://www.cbc.ca/radio/asithappens/friday-edward-greenspan-obit-from-our-archives-heroes-one-of-a-kind-as-it-happened-archive-stories-and-more-1.2902516/fireside-al-maitland-reads-frederick-forsyth-s-the-shepherd-1.2902519   When the window opens, click on the blue arrow, followed by the word Listen.  The arrow is below the aircraft. 

The more you have listened to this story, the more anxious you will be to hear it ONCE MORE.

Stan McCormack. 2015 12 20.

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