Christmas in England from Helen Biaggi. 2016 12 21

helen-biaggi-englandhelen-biaggiGrowing up in a small country village in England was unlike anything you would see in North America. The rose thatched cottages, the countryside and of course the history were my life for 25 years. Christmas in our home began with the baking of mince pies ( pastry cups filled with raisins and sultanas )  drizzled with icing sugar. The Christmas pudding was made, another sweet tradition, where a silver threepenny bit was baked inside. Who would be the lucky one to get it this year.? The turkey or sometimes a goose were picked up from the local farm a day before Christmas. My father would pluck and clean the bird and Mother would take over from there. As we grew older we were allowed to have a glass of sherry before dinner and then the family would gather around the table to enjoy the meal. The Christmas crackers were pulled and the paper hats were worn. Each cracker had a joke inside. They went something like this ” Father Christmas lost his umbrella but he didn’t get wet, why not”? Because it wasn’t raining”…lol

After dinner we would play cards. We would bring our small change to the table and the fun would start. The dates and nuts were passed around as we played. The kitty would build up and build up until finally at the end of the evening there would be sixpences and shillings and sometimes even a half crown. My brothers always seemed to win more than my sister and I did. One Christmas I remember well, was the year Father Christmas gave me a beautiful doll. I remember taking her upstairs and playing with her in my bedroom. On the way downstairs I slipped and fell and broke the dolls neck. In fact her head came right off. My Mother taped her up and covered her with a scarf. I wish I had her today.. some of my English traditions died as my life began in Canada but then the elf on the shelf was born at our old Victorian farmhouse and my grandchildren used to stare at him in wonder. Today my granddaughter has an elf on her shelf for her two sons. A good life is a collection of happy memories. 

Helen B…Have a great day 🌴

helen-and-steve-by-stanStan speaks: For the very few that may not know, Helen has spent part of her life in England, part of her life in Canada, and now lives in the USA with husband Steve Biaggi. Pic at left, taken by Yours truly, when Helen was inducted into the FSA HOF.  Thank You Helen for sending along this Greeting.




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