John Brown Article #10 of 2016-2017. 2016 12 21.

img_0004FAREWELL TO 2016, WELCOME TO 2017

     The fraternity known as shuffleboard experienced both losses and gains in 2016.  This Southwest Coast District of the Florida Shuffleboard Association lost about a dozen players to death or enforced retirement due to aging, health, or moves.  We appear to have lost one tournament venue when Tri-Par removed twelve more courts than the current plan to replace only half of them, after hosting very nice tournaments since about 1960.

     Another modest loss was a small decline in tournament registrations this Fall.  Contributors to this loss were nice warm weather in Northern states and provinces,, unfavorable rate of exchange for Canadians, and advancing age of everybody

     Among gains are several new faces attending, some new tournament directors learning the ropes, and new classes in the offing for 2017 to learn to play competition shuffleboard.

     Due to the fact that there will be no Southwest Coast District tournament this week, this artic le will be the last for 2016.  Notice is hereby given that the Open District Board Meeting will be held at 1:00 p.m. Saturday, January 7 at Bradenton Shuffle Club.  The 2017 District Nominating Committee will be named.  All Clubs should send the President or his or her Delegate to this meeting.  Also President Ron Nurnberger and Florida Vice-President Dave Kudro have asked players to consider serving on the FL Board or Committee.  Please think about supporting this great sport in such a way.

     There are now two sign-up opportunities for tournament days.  This columnist continues to offer a free partner-finding service.  See the book at any tournament or call 756-8548.  Brad Thomas offers another option.  He will partner with you or even drive you to any tournament where you lack transportation.  This book is also at local tournaments or call 704-4888.

      Opportunities abound to play, win, enjoy, get points for the Masters at season’s end, or points for the District or FL Hall of Fame.  To achieve these honors, remember that you have to play in order to win.  You get no points for resting or rusting away.

     There is more opportunity today than in times past due to the gift of split Florida tournaments.  And more players enjoy the sport, because each venue includes local players who do not travel, as well as those who do travel.  This column observes the more the merrier.

     Steve Slaughterbeck won first place last week after the deadline for this column.  Placing first 1st with Cindy in the State Tournament for Any Amateurs, we can now state that Steve won 1st in the main event in 3 consecutive tournaments: 1st with Cindy at Avon Park – A National Tournament, 1st with Lowell Williams the same week, a District Tournament, and 1st with Cindy at Palmetto the next Mon.-Tues, a FL State Tournament for Any Amateurs/Any Doubles.  Congratulations!

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, Happy Shuffling.


     FL P-11A at Ft. Pierce, Dec. 13. Men Main 3. Dave Minnich.  FL P-11B at Betmar, Dec. 13. Ladies Main: 2. Nancy Sclafani-Terri Smith

     FL A-8 at Palmetto, Any Ams/Any Doubles, Dec 12.  Main: 1 Cindy and Steve Slaughterbecks, 2. David Evenson-Terry McNamara, 3 Bill Jenkins-Emmons Berry. Consolation:  1. Arnie Congdon-Doris Mularz, 2. Michael Sadler-Larry Russell, 3. Ken and Carol Maxwell, 4. Ned Fogarty-Gilles Emard.

     SWCD D-10 at Golf Lakes, Dec. 15, Restricted Draw, M/L Doubles, 16/75.  Men Main: Jerry Stannard-John Roberson, 2 Ira Snook-Jim Smith, 3 . Tom Putnam-Keith Petty, 4. Darrel Blake-Lowell Williams.  Consolation: 1. John L. Brown-Jim Clark, 2. Gilbert Broadhead-Russell Spoto, 3. Wolter Bootsma-Dave Minnich, 4 Ron Lewandowski-Ron Nurnberger.  Ladies Main: 1. Jane Schram-Nancy Sclafani, 2. Heather Godson-Cindy Slaughterbeck, 3. Claudia Kellogg-Terri Smith, 4. Siggy Gudzus-Carolyn Bailey.  Consolation: 1. Debra Williams-Carol Maxwell, 2. Kathy Smith-Donna Schultz, 3. Erika Berg-Eleanor Bart, 4. Sharon Hoyt-Arlene McCague.

     SWCD A=7 at Golf Lakes, Dec. 16, Draw Any Ams/Any Doubles, 16/75.  Main: 1. Sandra Kolasinski-Bernie Broda, 2. Larry Fowler-Jane Baldwin, 3. Dale Overzet-Charles Stannard, 4. Brad Thomas-Ken Maxwell.  Consolation: 1. Horace Boddy-Bill Bierema 2. Charlotte Broda-Jim Lessard, 3. Frank Marderosian-John Hechinger, 4. Rita Marderosian-Ken Laver.


Tuesday, Dec. 27 at Bradenton, FL P-13 M/L Doubles, 75 points.  FL A-10 Any Ams/Any Dbls. 75 points.

Monday, Jan. 2, 2017 FL P-14A at Sebring, P-14B at Clearwater, M/L Doubles, 75 points.

   Also Mon.  Jan 2 at Winter Haven, State Sponsored Amateur, Any Ams/Any Doubles, 75 points.



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