Could “The Best of To-day” COMPETE with the Best of 40 Years Ago???? Glen Peltier Gives Us His Opinion!!

22 A Glen Peltier & Connie Sent to Glen (2)Glen Peltier Speaks:  I often get asked if a player of today, could have competed successfully 40 years agoYes; I believe the players of today are every bit as good as players of 40 years ago!! I may forget some but I would like to give what I believe, is a list that I feel would have been top stars in any age. These are players I have not mentioned before. 

mel-erbMel Erb I believe had it all. He could clear with the best; play the board with an accurate gentle shot that would surprise anyone.  He wanted to win and he did. He was a star!

Jim Bailey HOFJim Bailey is a fine talent. I wish Jim would come back and play full
time. The game needs Jim as a player and as an administrator.

allen dronsfieldAllen Dronsfield could be a star in any era in which he chose to play. I think
we have not seen the best of Allen yet.

mike-seyferMichael Seyfer proved putting in the extra effort is the answer.

Dave KudroDave Kudro has not scratched the surface yet compared to what he can do.

John Brown cowboyJerry StannardDavid EarleJerry Everett BradentonJohn Brown, Jerry Stannard, David Earl Jerry Everett have all demonstrated sufficient consistency to play in any era.

Ken Offenther 2009 WSKenny Offenther, who always wins the big ones, would definitely make my list.


buck-raymickey hensonRay Buck:  Ray is showing us what hard work can do.

Mickey Henson can bear any and all on a given day.

There are many that I have missed.  One other thing from the past I want to mention is
our discs. Years ago our discs were the Dimco brand and had asbestos in them. Asbestos was banned.  We had trouble for years but Jim Allen finally got a mold that makes a flat surface with beveled edges. They ride on top of the beads.  I believe they are made out of the same material as billiard balls.  The air disc run better on some courts and the Arco run better on other courts.  Years ago we never waxed the discs. We worked hard keeping the courts waxed. My opinion only but I think the new discs are the best we have ever had.

Article submitted by Glen Peltier WITH THANKS!!  Stan McCormack, 2016 12 22.


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