A Great Message From Lorraine Layton of Tavares and Saskatoon Saskatchewan!!

Congratulations to Ivan and Lorraine!!  SHUFFLEBOARD NEEDS MORE LAYTONS!!!

Congratulations to Ivan and Lorraine!! SHUFFLEBOARD NEEDS MORE LAYTONS!!!

Lorraine Layton Speaks: Hi!  Stan:   Here is a picture of how things change over 60 years.  Stan speaks: “You Guys” LOOK SUPER; NOW and 60 Years Ago!!!

Lorraine speaks:  After 12 seasons of shuffling out of Ocala Florida and for the last four of those years, we were the only two attending tournaments and continuing to encourage that club to stay members of the Northern District.  Finally, our efforts failed and being part of that club, was no longer an option if we wanted to continue to shuffle competitively.  So, a move to  a more active club, was our goal.  Tavares, was the choice, with Walt Stoddard ( Mr. Shuffle) at the helm, he thought everyone in life, should be shufflers.  His passing in 2010, was a big loss to that club. We continued to strive forward under the leadership of Ed Jesperson, who was a great manager of courts, but found it difficult to do administrative chores. With encouragement to take the leadership, I (Lorraine) offered to help in any way, so he would have the honor he deserved as President.  Ed did a fine job for two seasons, but his health became too much to continue at that position.  Since , I had taken on Sec./Treasurer. of the club, while Ed was at the Helm, I thought I  might be able to continue to keep this club in good working order. As President of the Tavares Club for the past 4 year’s, we have increased our membership  from approx. 35 members to over 60.  Quoting a recent member who joined  “You do things in this club”  We host 4 State and Northern District tournament per season.  We also have an in-club event on 4 different months, during the winter months.  Plus, we host two open tournaments to any shuffler, who is a club member in all of Florida. All of our tournament are sponsored, with the hard work of all members.

Of course, Ivan and I as partners in life, are partners in anything we do for the game of Shuffleboard. Our future in shuffleboard holds some exciting events.  Saskatchewan is hosting the Canadian Inter Provincial Tournament in Moose Jaw,  July 2017, we are hoping to be a part of that event. We are also hoping to be a part of the Canadian International Team, that will compete  in  Brazil , also in July 2017. Looking well into the future, High River Alberta will be hosting the International Event in 2018.  Our western Canadian provinces will be very busy over the next couple of year’s.

A bit of family history.  We have 4 children 2 boys, 2 girls.  10 Grandchildren. 6 Great Grandchildren.  We raised all of our children in the home we have lived in for the past 56 years.  We have wintered in Florida for the past 21 years.  Our summers for the past 13 years are deeply involved in Lawn Bowling in Saskatoon, Sask. Canada.

Have a great Christmas and Happy New Year.   Perhaps if you two are in Florida over the holidays you might want to wander up to Tavares and play in our open tournament  Dec. 30.2016.  10 a.m. start time.  CLICK: https://theshuffler.net/2016/12/15/tavares-celebrates-summer-in-the-winter-dec-30th-2016/

Take Care   Lorraine and Ivan. (Layton)

Stan Speaks: What a wonderful Message From the Laytons!!  There is still time for you to submit your story!!!   I invite you to do so.  Send to Stanistheman_200@yahoo.com

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  1. Max & Ruth Tate says:

    Well done Ivan & Lorraine.


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