From Calabogie, Ontario, Merry Christmas From Stan and Lois!! May Santa Be Good To You and To Your Family!!

Lois and I Live Here! Our Son's Ski Chalet in Calabogie, ON

Lois and I Live Here!!!
Our Son’s Ski Chalet in Calabogie, ON. See the Christmas Tree in the Window.

smalle-merry-christmasAs many of you are aware, Stan and Lois did NOT go SOUTH this year > 2016-2017.  blowing driveway Mar 2016As you can readily tell, Winter is with us in Calabogie!  Note especially the snow on the trees in the top pic.  The only place the trees ARE NOT, is in our driveway.  It is truly quite wonderful!!  We have been going SOUTH for 20 years and thought it was time we experienced a Canadian Winter.  Calabogie is known for its Ski Resort which is 500 yards from our front door!!  If you have an interest, click:  Our nearest town is Renfrew, population 8,500.  We shuffle there once a week.  We make runs into Ottawa, the Nation’s Capital, about every 10 days.  It is just under one hour to major shopping malls at the west end of the city.  (Click on any pic to expand.)

stan-chain-saw-in-uniform-1splitter-atv-and-wood-piled-1A Wood Stove is our primary heating source, although I must tell you we also have a gas furnace.  I ensure we have a good wood supply by putting my Chain Saw, and my son’s splitter to good effect!!  If you have “cut wood”, you know there is a good deal of labour involved, but there is also a good deal of satisfaction when you see your wood pile!!  When I am not “doing wood”, I am at the computer!!

Even though I am not “on site” so to speak, I have been able to provide reasonable coverage of ISA and FSA Activities, thanks to many co-operative and capable Shufflers.  I will name some of them in alphabetical order: Austin Colleen; Ball Earl; Bober Stan; Burnett Muriel; Earle Glenna; Nurnberger Ron; Peltier Glen;  Weber Bob; and many others who alert me to items of interest.

Lois and I will be spending Christmas in Ottawa with our oldest son and family.

Keep on Shuffling; Stan and Lois McCormack.  2016 12 24.

merry-christmasHere is a link to our 2015 Christmas Entry:


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8 Responses to From Calabogie, Ontario, Merry Christmas From Stan and Lois!! May Santa Be Good To You and To Your Family!!

  1. Dan and Sylvia Smith says:

    Merry Christmas, Stan and Lois.


  2. Glenn Monroe says:

    Merry Christmas, Stan and Lois. Donna and I had our first retirement home in the middle of an noak forest in north central Michigan. I, too, cut and stacked all of the trees removed to make room for our house. It was a very satisfying project. The only thing I miss about those winters is the wood burning fireplace.


  3. stanistheman says:

    Thanks Glenn!! Merry Christmas to You and Donna!!


  4. wilmamc127 says:

    Merry Christmas Stan and Lois. We will be having waffles on Thursday . We’ll miss you. Love Wilma


  5. Myrna Bilton says:

    Merry Christmas Stan & Lois
    Enjoy your family.
    Love and blessings for good health.
    Myrna & Rendall


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