The next ISA takes place Brazil beginning July 23rd, 2017.

brazil-logoStan Speaks: Things are kind of quiet between Christmas and New Years!!  AND, when things get “kind of quiet”, I start looking around for ideas!!  I came across a series of articles I had posted in the Lindsay Post, the daily newspaper for Lindsay, Ontario. We lived in Lindsay for 10 years plus.   The article below is in fact NOT BY ME; reporter Ryan Boulton came right to our property, as I recall, and interviewed us.  Hopefully the article will motivate You to make application to compete in Brazil in July of this year > 2017.  Go here for details:  Go here to read an article with regard to the 2005 ISA in Niteroi:

Shuffling off to Rio: Lindsay couple to help represent Canada at worlds Edition: Final Source: RYAN BOULTON, THE DAILY POST Dateline: LINDSAY Section: Sports Page: A5

Reporter Ryan Boulton Speaks: To many of us living north of the border, shuffleboard is a game reserved for the decks of cruise ships, a leisure activity for seniors to stay active socialize and socialize.     However, to Stan McCormack and his wife of Lois, shuffleboard is a way of life.     So much so, the Lindsay couple have been shuffled across the world on more than one occasion representing the Maple Leaf on the court.     On Sept. 16 the couple will be off again as part of Team Canada to take part in the 24th annual International Shuffleboard Association Championships in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.     Veterans on the international shuffling stage, on the eve of their departure, the McCormack’s are both raring to go.     “Just because we are seniors doesn’t mean we don’t have some competitive spirit left” said Stan, looking forward to helping the Canadian contingent stay on top of the world’s shuffleboard scene. Last year in Mesa, Arizona, Stan helped the Canadians secure first overall and says he’s not ready to let go of the title.     “It’s going to be tougher this year, but I’m ready to go get it started,” he said.     Helping the ladies to second-place finish in Mesa, Lois says this year the women are poised to join the men on top of the international scene.     “Our women’s team is a stronger team then last year,” she said. “Hopefully we can take first, naturally, but we can just go down and do what we can do.”     Veterans of the shuffle game for 10 years now, the snowbirds picked up the game in Florida and have been competing ever since. Playing four days a week throughout the winter and whenever they get the chance during the summer, the McCormacks see the court as much as anyone around.     Whenever they are back in the homeland, the McCormacks are part of the Scugog Shuffleboard Association of Blackstock, where they continue to hone their game in the off-season, because, as they both put it, the ISA Championships are a serious event, with bragging rights and more at stake.     Part of the 24-member Canadian squad that will take on the world’s top teams, Stan explains this isn’t a game for the timid.     “It is a very competitive event and shuffling generally is as competitive as most sports,” he said. “There’s a lot of strategy to the game. You have to be intense about it and focus your intentions.”     “It’s also a very socially interactive activity as well, but that’s not true when you are playing a game,” McCormack added. “While you’re playing your match, your mind better be on that match or you’re not going to win.”     And while she enjoys the competitiveness shuffleboard offers, Lois may not take things as serious as her husband, though don’t think for a second that she’s not out to win at all costs.     “It’s the competitiveness but there is social aspect too which we enjoy,” she said. “We have met some terrific friends and wherever you go you meet them again and that’s good. Everybody enjoys it, everybody tries to win.”     Likening shuffleboard to curling in basic principal and strategy, Lois says that while the sport has taken them to parts of the world they may never have seen, the basics of the game are beneficial to all, especially seniors.     “Everyone has to have a social life and everyone has to keep active and do something competitive,” Lois said. “I thoroughly enjoy it. It’s a way for seniors to stay social and work both your mind and your body.”     Stan agrees and said that while the games end, the shuffleboard community is a great group to be part of.     “Although we put an emphasis on competition, there is also a lot of great social interaction that takes place,” he explained. “It’s especially great for seniors because we have so much free time off the court.”     With the tournament set to begin Sept. 17, the McCormacks will compete individually against players from Japan, U.S.A, Brazil, as well as a team of United Nations.     Illustration: Lois and Stan McCormack are ready to don the maple leaf as they and 22 other member of Canada’s national shuffleboard team head south to Rio de Janeiro for the ISA Championships. Photo: Ryan Boulton, The Daily Post ID: 27472168



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