FILE UPDATED; See Red: Hats Off to Pam and Ron for bringing Ken and Krista to Watch “Some of The Best”! Hats Off To Earl and Krista For a Great Pic!!


Ron Nurnberger’s daughter, Krista, and her husband Ken are visiting and vacationing in Florida.  Ron brought them by for the opening of the Holiday Tournament and introduced them all around.  Krista, commented that notwithstanding the significant number of players, interacting and competing, she was taken with the sense of friendliness which prevailed over the entire group.  She went on to observe that it made her better understand and appreciate retirement age adults and their activities.  

Earl Speaks: Krista and Ken got to meet Jim Miller, the Southwest Coast finest player and finest gentleman.  Krista took a picture with Earl Ball and it was easy to see both were intrigued with the game.  They came back each day and were quick studies in understanding the strategy of the game.  No doubt they will be players of the future, but for now both are involved with the pharmaceutical industry.  Krista is deep into the management of the business and Ken gave up being the Regional Manager of the Medical Rep business for what he describes as the ease of a bar tender by being a pharmacist, allowing him to take life a little easier. 

Sent Along by Earl Ball WITH THANKS!!  2016 12 29.

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