Happy New Year Shufflers!! To Wind Up 2016, I Share With You Some Info. vis-a-vis Glenn Monroe!!! Comments Invited!!


Great Concentration! Great Form! Great Delivery! 

If CONCENTRATION is a factor, Glenn Monroe certainly is on the right track!!  It is evident that he is focused on what he is doing!!  It is evident that he is following the disc as he completes his delivery!!  The pic above of Glenn was taken during the Central District Masters, 10 years ago, 2006 03 25; Glenn was then a State Amateur, and as a point of interest, he lost only 2 matches during the 3 day tournament.   Art Shorts finished in 1st place for the State Ams.  The lady watching is Winnie Wells.

I am going to share Some Comments, Some Facts about Glenn that You may not have known.  And Some pix:  Do hope you enjoy as we approach 2017!!

Donna & Glenn 2014 03 16 Dinnerdonna-glenn-wed-pic-44-yrs-sep-12-2012


ED O'Neal pins Glenn Monroe Just a word about the pix:  1) Glenn and Donna as Dinner Guests of Stan and Lois.  Re 1st pic: st-patrick-visit-by-glenn-and-donna  2nd) Wedding Pic; 48 years on 2016 09 12. Pic 3) File is labelled “New Bike” , 2007 03 24.  Glenn continues to have an attraction for “New Bikes”!!  4) 4th pic is of Ed O’Neal “pinning” Glenn on the occasion of Glenn’s induction into the FSA Hall of Fame in 2015.  glenn-monroe-fsa-supporting-remarks-by-ed-oneal

To read the supporting remarks for Glenn’s MVP Award: 55-glenn-monroe-by-stan-copy

Revealing Article; Better Pic!! glenn-monroe-is-the-president-of-the-central-district-a-must-see-pic-of-glenn

glenn-monroe-very-young-for-facebookThose FOLLOWERS of the BLOG, who do not have FaceBook, may not have seen this shot of Glenn.


Glenn recently commented on an Article  by Glen Peltier wherein Glen (Peltier) expressed his view  on CALLING DISCS > https://theshuffler.net/2016/12/28/article-9-of-glen-peltiers-2016-series-calling-discs-there-is-a-right-and-wrong-way/                   In typical, precise, style, Glenn responded:

Glenn Monroe Speaks: I appreciate Glen’s vote of confidence.

First, let me mention the proper preparation of discs for tournament play. No new discs have a precisely vertical edge. Jim Allen tells us that the manufacturing process requires some small degree of angle to allow the disc to release from the mold. The newer discs are better than the first generation of Air Discs, but a small angle still exists. Most tournament clubs will, when seasoning a disc, bring that edge as close to vertical as possible. Failure to do so creates several problems, including a significant difficulty in judging the position of a disc.

Glen is correct when he states that the bevelled bottom edge of the disc can cause a careless observer to look under the disc, which leads to a false judgement of the disc. However, the greatest single error that I see in people judging a disc involves parallax. Parallax is the apparent movement of an object due to the angle at which it is viewed. To us, that means that you cannot correctly judge the position of a disc until parallax is eliminated. We do that by insuring that we are looking straight down the vertical edge of the disc.

There are two ways to approach that perfect viewing angle. You can, as Glen, suggests approach the edge of the disc from the rear until you have reached the edge or you can start by looking over the edge and slowing backing up until the edge of the disc just disappears from view. I personally prefer the second method because, with the first, I am always unsure that I have reached the vertical until after I have gone too far and have to back up anyway. Whichever method you use, the key is to look at the disc, not at the court, until you are satisfied that parallax has been eliminated, then follow that line of sight down to the court to make your call. Glen is right again – if you look at the court first, it is difficult to remove that first impression from your mind. Also, get your eye as close to the disc as you can and still keep it in focus. The farther you are from the disc, the greater the impact of parallax.

If you are having difficulty with this concept, try holding a crisp dollar bill or credit card vertically on a flat, level surface. Now look at it and move your head until the sides disappear and you see only the edge of the object. That is parallax eliminated. Let’s all make good calls!  

Happy New Year to All Shufflers the World Over.  Stan McCormack.  2016 12  30.

To view the article posted in support of the 2006 FSA Central District Masters: https://theshuffler.net/2014/03/17/lets-review-what-was-written-about-the-2006-cd-reiny-district-masters-held-at-avon-park/







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2 Responses to Happy New Year Shufflers!! To Wind Up 2016, I Share With You Some Info. vis-a-vis Glenn Monroe!!! Comments Invited!!

  1. wilmamc127 says:

    Happy New Year Stan and Lois.


  2. stanistheman says:

    Happy New Year to You Wilma!!! I understand that Glenn will be the TD for the Woodbrook Estates Event on January 5th and 6th. Please say Hello to him!!
    Stan and Lois


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