Dave Kudro Makes the 200 Plateau AND Splits Big Prize Money with Partner Ron Nurnberger.

s-dave-kudro-hits-the-200-markLarry FramedHere is the story by Larry Brown!! On Site Reporter For The Shuffler!!

150 players came to Sebring Monday for the oldest shuffleboard tournament in the state, known as the Orange Blossom. Along with the prestige of being an orange Blossom champion, the allure of nearly $2,000 in prize money had everyone hoping for a piece of it.

The big winner of the tournament was Dave Kudro who won the championship with his partner, Ron Nurnberger, that gave Dave his 200 points to qualify for the Hall of Fame.

se-2nd-colleen-austin-judy-hallowayse-1st-joyce-smith-allie-enosTuesday afternoon the semi’s & finals was some of the best & exciting shuffleboard games for the crowd to watch. Almost all the games came down to the last shot. in the women’s division, main event semi’s was a classic between Colleen Austin & Judy Holloway (Happy Girls holding the cash)  & Diane & Helen.  Each game down to the last disc with Judy & Colleen winning but lost out in  the finals to Allie Enos, holding the Cue & Joyce Smith,

Taking 2nd place in the Men’s Main: Jerry Holbrook – Phil Harrison.  To view all of the Results of P14A, Sebring’s Orange Blossom:  http://www.fsa-shuffleboard.org/Tournaments/P14A_Results.txt

BIG THANKYOU to the handsome guy in the CD Red Jacket!!  Mr. Larry Brown.  I am going to follow this posting with another, giving more information as provided by Larry.  Stan McCormack, 2017 01 04 14:50

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1 Response to Dave Kudro Makes the 200 Plateau AND Splits Big Prize Money with Partner Ron Nurnberger.

  1. Steve Barnett says:

    Congrats to Dave Kudro on getting his points for the state hall of fame. A great accomplishment for sure


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