John Brown, Article #11 of 2016-2017. 2017 01 04

This Gentleman, Ron Howard Made John's Cross; Rev. John You Understand.

This Gentleman, Ron Howard Made John’s Cross; Rev. John You      Understand.

John With Cross by Ron Howard. I Thought a Fitting Pic in lieu of Title of Article!!

Rev. John with Cross by Ron Howard. I Thought a Fitting Pic in lieu of Title of Article!!




     The Petticoat League is finished after 50 years of friendly worthwhile shuffle competition here within the Southwest Coast District.  Many ladies took part between 1966 and 2016, but participation finally has ground to a halt through attrition and lack of leadership.

     This columnist wonders if such a valiant history might deserve some sort of memorial.  The last Secretary, Gail Ruland of Mount Vernon has delivered the remnants of records, plaques, etc. to Trailer Estates in hopes that the T.E. Trophy cabinet might be their final resting place.  The cabinet is already over full with trophies, etc. from the past, and barely has room to display the memorial it deserves.

     Perhaps some reader of this column might be inspired to suggest an ideal way or place where memories might be preserved.  It really was a fine and active league and probably deserves a better honor.  If anybody has a suggestion, it will be appreciated and considered. (E-mail John at

     The clubs in the Petticoat League from recent to former include: Mt. Vernon, Village on the Greens (formerly El Rancho), Paradise Bay, Trailer Estates, Golf Lakes, Heather Hills, Fairlane Acres, Southern Pines, and Royal Gardens.

     This columnist is currently Historian of the Florida Shuffleboard Association, so any inspirations are welcome at 756-8548.

.     Gene McCullough of Owosso, MI and Trailer Estates on Dec. 23 transitioned from this life to Eternity.  Gene was a former leader in the Michigan Dairy Association and he is greatly missed by his many partners, friends, and neighbors, and by his widow, Shirley.  His funeral was in Michigan.

  .   On a cold Friday morning, Dec. 30, only five players came to the scheduled Bradenton Singles-Mingles.  An impromptu round robin for five was invented and enjoyed for two games before retiring and repairing to warmer quarters.  Happy Shuffling.


     FL P-13 Dec. 27 at Bradenton, Open M/L Doubles.  Ladies Main: 1. Marlene Coburn-Marilyn Everett 2. Ingrid Broadhead-Cheryl Putnam, 4. Pam Nurnberger-Nancy Sclafani.  Consolation: 3. Lydia Yoder-Eva Mae Lake.  Men Main: 3. Ron Nurnberger-Larry Taylor, 4. Dave Kudro-Jerry Everett.  Consolation: 1. Jim Miller-Faren VanDeGrift, 3. Bill Batdorff-Jean Wilson, Jr.

     FL A-10 Dec. 27 at Bradenton, Any Amateurs/Any Doubles.  Main: 1. Arnie Congdon-Donald Brun, 2. Cindy and Steve Slaughterbeck, 3. Bill Jenkins-Emmons Berry, 4. Ken and Carol Maxwell.  Consolation: 1. Jane Baldwin-Gail Ruland, 2. Dan Lake-Terry McNamara, 3. Doug Smith-Paul Ice, 4. Ned Fogarty-Frank Marderosian.


THURSDAY, Jan. 5, SWCD D-11 at Bradenton, M/L Doubles, Restricted to Pros and State Ams, 75 points.

  FRIDAY,  Jan. 6, SWCD A-8 at Bradenton, Any Ams/Any Doubles, 16/75, no points for State Ams, no 2         State Am teams.

SATURDAY, Jan. 7. Open District Board Meeting at Bradenton, 1:00 p.m.

MONDAY, Jan 9, FL P-15A at St. Cloud, P-15B at Lee County, M/L Doubles, 75 points.  Lunch at St. Cloud, No lunch at Lee County 

         Also Jan 9, FL A-12 at Lakeland, National M/L Non-Walking  Singles, 12 Frames.

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