Article 11 of Glen Peltier’s 2016 Series. Glen Acknowledges the Contribution of St Petes!!

 St. Petersburg

 Glen P. face onlyI just had to do an article on the St. Pete courts that have become part of our history. This fine club is so special to so many of us who love the game of shuffleboard. I would like everyone who has never seen the club to visit the site where so much of our game came from. It is truly an historical site. The largest club in the world. At one time it had 108 courts and people waited in line to play.

50A Harold & Beulah DunbarHarold and Beaulah Dunbar left sufficient money to hold the Masters for many years. Watching the Masters for the first time was truly magic for me. Playing in the masters on the tournament courts was truly an experience I wish everyone could have the chance to experience.

The large majestic stands overlooking the 8 tournament courts where the Dunbar Masters where held year after year. Pic of stands at top taken during the 32nd ISA, 2013, celebrating 100 years of shuffleboard in FL.

The National Hall Of Fame building looked exactly like a National Hall of Fame building should look like. Off to one side where several bumper courts that were a sight to see. The courts were so easy to get to. All roads from Bradenton and also from 4 Highway led to the courts. The tournament booth was located in a perfect spot.

Mary Eldridge Mary Eldridge played on the courts many years ago at a very young age. I believe it was in the early nineties I heard she was coming back and I looked forward to meeting her. Now there is a book of knowledge regarding St. Pete and shuffleboard in general. I give her credit for bringing the club back to where it is at today. Mary could write so much better an article on St. Pete than I, and I’m sure she has done so already. I believe many of you reading this betty-buzz-downinghave 70 Rosaire Biron 1992 639had the chance to play at the St, Pete. Club. They have an online site you can visit. Again I feel so fortunate that I played for so many years on those wonderful courts. I can see Rosaire Biron playing and Buzz Downing calling discs. (Pic of Betty and Buzz)

How lucky have I been. Glen Peltier.  2017 01 05.



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