The FSA Hall of Fame Banquet Is A Gala Affair!!! 2017 Banquet is in Hawthorne on 2017 01 16.

All HOF Members Present at the 2015 FSA Banquet.

All HOF Members, Player & Special Award, Present at the 2016 FSA Banquet. 

From left to right: Henry Strong, Earl Ball, Phil Rebholz, Stan McCormack, Glenn Monroe, David Earle, Kenny Offenther, Ruth Brown, Landy Adkins, Jerry Stannard, Jeannie Andrews, John Brown, Ed O’Neal, Breeze Biaggi, Dianna Allen, Marjorie Taylor and Colleen Austin

The 2017 FSA Hall of Fame Banquet will take place on Monday, Jan 16th.  I expect to be able to provide you with extensive coverage of this MAJOR EVENT due to the co-operation of the following people: Colleen Austin; Earl Ball and Linda Rebholz.  Stan McCormack.  2017 01 08.

Phil & Linda Reboltz (3)18-earl-ball (2)Colleen Austin


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