Shuffle away those winter blues! Register NOW; See Below!!

Buffalo is cold this time of year… Shuffle off to the RPSC instead!

Shuffle away those winter blues!

The snow has hit the ground, it’s turned shitty brown, and I don’t think it’s going anywhere for a while. I suppose we could hibernate for the next three months, but I’m already down to the dregs of the netflix shows, and my seamless account is about to turn sentient and scream, “YOU AGAIN???”

But then I catch a glimpse on the horizon, only one week away… a tropical oasis that promises to save me, my waistline, my fragile psyche, and possibly humanity itself… The Royal Palms Shuffleboard League begins Monday, January 16 and it will rescue your very soul from the chilly damnation that is Winter in New York City.

Never played before?
No problem, there’s no experience necessary-
We’ll get you up on all the rules and you’ll be shuffling like a pro in no time!

This will be the 13th season of the worlds largest shuffleboard league and it is absolutely the best thing about our bizarre little monstrosity on the sandy shores of the Gowanus. Countless friendships, endless toasts, a plethora of giggles, a few mild hangovers, multiple marriages and even a few shuffleboard babies have been born from the last 3 years of monday and tuesday nights… We can’t wait to see what happens next.

There’s drink specials, free shuffleboard any time you come in all season long, a different food truck each week, weekly spirit prizes, best dressed awards, a giant fucker BANQUET at the end of the season, and for the first time ever, we’ve even got a field trip down to Florida planned to play with the pros!!!

My name is Jonathan Schnapp and i along with my co-founder, the indomitable Ashley Albert, had this crazy idea to to build a giant shuffleboard club in Brooklyn five years ago because, ‘It would be fun’ and I’m here to tell you that The League is the Funnest of the Fun we have to offer at The Royal Palms.

here’s link to the registration page with all the details:

got any questions at all? drop us a line at:

With Love and Gratitude,
Your RPSC Family

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