Sign Up For the 2017 Heartland Games!! Registration Form Attached to this message.

This message will be my last call to encourage you to sign up for the 2017 Heartland Games.

Please watch the Highlands News Sun for further announcements and Games results.

I have attached a registration form as well as an information pamphlet with complete details about each event.
Just a couple of reminders.
Registrations are due at SFSC two weeks prior to the first event in which you are entered.
The registration fee is just $15 for one day of competition and $25 for multiple days. That means you could play both days of pickleball or bowling for $25 or all three days of tennis for just $25. It also means you can add on other events at no extra cost. A real bargain considering each competitor will get a dri-fit shirt and a complimentary lunch will be provided at several of the events.
Please be sure to arrive at your event at least 30 minutes prior to the announced start time.
For those who finish in the top five in your age/gender bracket in the events listed below, you will be eligible to register for the Florida Senior Games – bowling, cycling, golf, pickleball, shuffleboard, swimming, table tennis, tennis, track & field. It will be your responsibility to make certain that you do register for the 2017 Florida Senior Games that will be held in Clearwater Pinellas December 2 to 10.
Please share this information and the attachments with friends and neighbors and encourage others to come out to watch you compete.

Neil Simpson

Heartland Games Ambassador

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