Follow The Shuffler!! Emotions Will Run HIGH tomorrow evening during the FSA HOF Banquet!! WE will cover each INDUCTION PLUS, PLUS!!

Gus and Marie Bondi

Gus and Marie Bondi

Unless you have experienced first hand the emotions one exhibits on going into the FSA Hall of Fame, you may wonder what the ‘Big Fuss” is all about!!   In my role as “Reporter” I have witnessed many emotional moments!!  One of 4 Players being inducted into the Player Category is this man: guss-qualifies-for-cd-hof  If you think he is on a “high” in the picture, it is NOTHING compared to the sheer joy he will experience tomorrow evening!!  Gus shared with me this evening (2017 01 15) that he will have two handkerchiefs, one in each pocket of his jacket.  Gus and Marie are already in Leesburg where they enjoyed a fine dinner in a Greek Restaurant!  They are maximizing their enjoyment!!  All Shufflers share in the JOY of the 4 Players being inducted; two women and two men.  (Names tomorrow morning.)

HOF Colleen AustinDO CHECK INTO THE SHUFFLER tomorrow >> tomorrow first thing.  COLLEEN AUSTIN has dome a TERRIFIC JOB of putting together a fine history of each of the 5 Inductees.

Stan McCormack. 2017 01 15.

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