Earl Ball Reports on the 2017 FSA HOF and BANQUET!!



My beautiful wife, Vivian.  You don’t see her often but this is how she looks all the time.

I usually don’t go to banquets for the food but for the event.  This time the food was great in every respect.  Those who waited on us did a great job and Robby (Bob Robinson) out did himself as our host.  How can anyone remain so calm under pressure.  The inductions were great and emotions ran high.  Gus was Gus, you’ve got to love him.  Joan Buck was incredible, not missing a beat in presenting husband Ray.  And Ray was equally great in his remarks under tremendous emotional pressure; his daughters must be very proud!  Sharon was Sharon; low key and elegant.  Marlene Colburn couldn’t be there because here husband is ill. I do hope the FSA does something at a future banquet for her.  I know she was all fired up for this event, I talked to here at the Bradenton Holiday tournament.  The induction of George Atkins was emotional, may he rest in peace and be proud.

Earl Ball, 2017 01 18


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One Response to Earl Ball Reports on the 2017 FSA HOF and BANQUET!!

  1. Helen Biaggi says:

    Loved the dress Vivian.You looked stunning.


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