FSA Secretary Linda Rebholz Reports on the 2017 FSA Banquet!!!

Linda and Phil Rebhoz

Linda and Phil Rebhoz


When I married Phil he was President of the Central East Coast District.  Very soon after, he became a member of the FSA Executive Board as 3rd Vice President. I believe that in 16 years, we have never missed a Hall Of Fame banquet.

Some districts have large, “fancy” locations for their banquets while other districts have used restaurants. All have their memories — bands for dancing, crowded rooms but always  fun and social time.  Friendships and bonds have been forged that last a lifetime.

We have also realized that shufflers “clean up” pretty good! The men in their suits and the ladies in their dressy attire as they relax after a day of competition.

Hawthorne hosted this year’s banquet. They have a large clubhouse which was transformed into a lovely room by Linda Carlsen and her helpers. Under the direction of Bob Robinson, the event went as smoothly as a well oiled machine. Hawthorne has many talented and dedicated volunteers and they served us  a delicious dinner.

The first HOF inductee was Gus Bondi who was presented by Stan Williamson and  Mike Seyfer. Gus became emotional as he accepted his nomination and thanked the players who have helped him. We also learned that Marie is a first class golfer!!

Joan Buck presented her husband, Ray with the sweetest speech I have ever heard. We all know that Ray is a Christian and one of the nicest men you could ever know. Without a disappointment in professional baseball, we might never have gotten to know Ray and his lovely wife.

Colleen Austin presented and accepted the nomination for Marlene Coburn who could not attend. Although Marlene has a very ill husband, she continues to play shuffleboard and does it well.

One of the “girls”, Doris Hanke presented her good friend, Sharon Upson. Doris commented on some of their escapades off the courts and was happy that she was partnered with Sharon when she got her final 200 points. Sharon also thanked the players who helped her achieve this award.

The Special Award inductee was George Adkins.  A tearful Jeannie Andrews spoke of her friendship with George and his accomplishments.  The members of the Board relied on George’s great knowledge of the FSA Rules and Bylaws.  We also knew that George’s one goal was to take care of and encourage Landy.  Dave Kudro blamed George when he tried to “pin” Landy and dropped the pin down Landy’s bodice. This brought very welcome laughter.  George will be missed.

Another night for the memory book!

Linda Rebholz,

FSA Secretary and Shuffler reporter

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One Response to FSA Secretary Linda Rebholz Reports on the 2017 FSA Banquet!!!

  1. Glenna & David Earle says:

    Thank you LInda. Feel almost as If I was there. Beautiful and touching comments express the feelings of most of us I am sure. Glad you were “on the scene” once again to report the happenings for those of us who could not be there.


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