P16 We Give You the Women’s Results! Sent along by Ron Nurnberger.



In 1st place, proudly holding the Plaque, is Pam Nurnberger.  In 2nd place we have Terri Smith!  Congrats to both from All Shufflers!!  JOB WELL DONE.

Ron Nurnberger Speaks: Pam Nurnberger won the 2017 Ladies Singles State Championship at Holiday Travel Resort in Leesburg Wednesday, January 18th.

In a stellar final between two of the States (and SWCD) best players Pam Nurnberger and Terri Smith, Pam emerged as this years Champion. It ended with an exciting 3rd game finish of 53-47.

Pam Nurnberger began shuffling in Bradenton in 2011 when she won the SWCD District Amateur Title.  She followed the next year (2012) by winning the SWCD Pro Ladies Title.  She has also appeared twice in the FSA Masters Tournament (2015-2016).

Finishing 4th in the main was another excellent player from the SWCD, Flo Kowalewski.

NOTE:  The Banquet and play at Hawthorne Shuffle Club & play at the Holiday Travel Resort went off without a ‘hitch.’  Kudo’s go to both clubs and especially President Bob Robinson for his leadership.

Submitted by: Ron Nurnberger,  SWCD President.  2017 01 18.

To view the Complete Results of P16, click: http://www.fsa-shuffleboard.org/Tournaments/P16_Results.txt


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One Response to P16 We Give You the Women’s Results! Sent along by Ron Nurnberger.

  1. Glenna & David Earle says:

    Fantastic finish gals! Congratulations to you both, Pam & Terri. Sure don’t want to meet either of you on the courts!!!


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