PROMOTION OF SHUFFLEBOARD!! Please see below. 2017 01 20

Stan Bober WCD WebStan Bober, the WCD Webmaster continues to do a great job!!  I say that because Stan captures pix of those who place in the Tournament, and posts them on his website:  Believe me, this takes EXTRA EFFORT, EXTRA TIME, and EXTRA CO-ORDINATION!!  My rationale for my statement: people, each of us, enjoys seeing our name and pic displayed for the world to see!!   As but one example, go here to see the Results of WCD D04:  NOT ONLY does Stan take the pix, and publish them on the WCD Website, he most often sends the Results along to me for ADDITIONAL PROMOTION!!   Casual readers of either of the Sites just may take notice of the publicity and come to the conclusion: SHUFFLEBOARD IS FOR ME!!! 

18-earl-ball (2)100 C. Pr. Ron NurnbergerEarl Ball too, FREQUENTLY demonstrates his writing skills and his desire to promote Shuffleboard, by sending along Central District Articles AS WELL AS STATE ARTICLES!!   Earl, Linda Rebholz and Colleen Austin PERFORMED WITH DISTINCTION in their reporting of the FSA Hall of Fame and Associated Banquet!!!

Ron Nurnberger of the SWC also sends along items of wide interest.  Others too send along items of interest on occasion .

MY MESSAGE:  If you have a Shuffleboard Story, for goodness sake, send it along to    and I will post it on The Shuffler

If you have someone ask you HOW TO GAIN ACCESS TO “Stan’s Blog”,  probably the very best advice you can give is to suggest to them they make the BLOG,  a favorite, AND CHECK IT DAILY.  I publish in excess of one article a day.

Stan McCormack.  2017 01 20

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