We Give You An Upbeat Report by Jeanette Harvey of Betmar, FL

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAStan Speaks: Jeanette Harvey sent along HER TAKE on the CD Amateur Tournament held at the Betmar Shuffleboard Club on Jan 28th.  I found her presentation, HER TAKE, descriptive, interesting, with sufficient detail to maintain one’s interest!!  I expect that you will as well!!  Might we have another contributing reporter?? 

Jeanette Harvey Speaks: Shuffleboard is alive and well in the Zephyrhills area.  The latest Amateur tournament held at the Betmar Shuffleboard Club proved that.  The amateurs drew their partners at the beginning of the tournament and it is always the “luck of the draw”.  They play 2 rounds of 2 out of 3 games.  All is going well.  The loser goes on in the consolation event until they lose again.  The winner goes on in the main event until they lose.  Now we are down to the quarter round and only the winners advance.  So we come to the semi-finals to see whether they play the last round for 1st place or 3rd place.  That being over, we begin the final round.  This is the real tough one.  Both teams shooting for 1st want to win first place.  The first match goes well with both teams scoring some points and losing some points by being in the “kitchen” or 10 points off area.  Okay, that game is over and 1 team wins.  Now it get even more competitive as the losing team has to win his match or the round is over since it is 2 out of 3 or the first team to win 2 games.  With 1st place at stake, concentration is necessary. 

Jim Carder against Wayne Edgett at the head of the court trying to knock each other’s blocks off the board and score their own.  Okay after quite some time, the other team wins.  Now we are really competitive for this 3rd and final match.  The winner get the first place position.  But what is happening??  They are congratulating each other as if the match is over.  Even the tournament director thought they had finished the round and went looking for the court card filled out and signed by the winners.  After announcing the winners, everyone watching said, “That was only the second game.  They have to play a third.”  Okay, now the lag for color.  Wayne wins the lag and chooses yellow.  The play begins for the last game to complete the round.  Back and forth the score goes.  But it looks like Jim’s team is leading in the score.  Now he is in the 70’s and Wayne’s team is in the 40’s.  Just needs to score his hammer, but it hits the line and does not count.  Back and forth the blocks fly.  Then it happened.  Jim scored and the game was over.  Now we can announce the winners for sure. 

Jim Carder from ZSC club and Rick Marks from Betmar club are the first place champions.  Wayne Edgett and Ellie Crowell win second place in an exciting game.  Ellie’s husband who was watching on the sidelines said, “Watching is more strenuous than playing.  I’m going to give up watching.”

Jeanette Harvey; 2017 01 30.  Click for full results: http://www.fsa-centraldistrict.org/Tournaments/CD14_Results.txt 


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1 Response to We Give You An Upbeat Report by Jeanette Harvey of Betmar, FL

  1. Earl Ball says:

    Great Job Jeanette!


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