First It Was the Royal Palms in New York; Next; Chicago Is Announced!! Planned Opening This Summer!!!

Jonathan Schnapp and Jim Allen Compete in the State Tournament in Betmar.

Jonathan Schnapp and Jim Allen Compete in the State Tournament in Betmar; P18, 2017 01 31.


18-earl-ball (2)Earl Ball Speaks:  The Florida Shuffleboard Association’s Pro Championship Tournament at Betmar had an unexpected team; Jonathan Schnapp, and Jim Allen.

Jonathan is co-founder of the Royal Palms Shuffle Club in New York City, Jim, owner of Allen R. Shuffleboard Inc.  As readers know, both Jim and Jonathan have done a great deal to promote Shuffleboard.  Jim has been instrumental on the International Scene, organizing  several Inaugurals; Jonathan concentrating on stimulating SHUFFLEBOARD in the USA.

It was great to see them and to see them play in the Tournament.  I admit I was surprised to see them play so well; they won a couple of matches and the wins were against quality teams.  The match they lost went three games.

Many of us have followed the development of the Royal Palms, have visited the Club in person and just marveled at its success.  Jonathan told me a lease has been signed in Chicago to do it again!  It’s easy to see the excitement in Jonathan’s eyes as he talks about the project.  He’s already rented an apartment, so he’s “all in”.  Jim Allen says it is next to the “L”(elevated train) and a 100,000 people will see the roof top court in action each day.

I’m sure we all wish him well in this venture and maybe we’ll show up in Northwest Chicago one day!  By the way, I had the opportunity to speak with Co-Founder Ashley Albert and she sure sounds bright and upbeat.

To read the initial announcement with regard to the Chicago Adventure:

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