Earl Ball Gives You the 1st Place Teams of FSA P18A held at Betmar, Zephyrhills.


The Betmar Shuffle Club hosted the Florida Shuffleboard Association State Championship which finished on Wednesday, February 1st.  There were so many players that the tournament took three days to complete; two days is the norm but Zephyrhills is the Capital of Shuffleboard when it comes to numbers of players and Championship players.

In the Men’s division, Lakeland Club member Paul Prescott teamed with Zephyrhills member, Chuck Moulton, to win the Championship.  They had several close matches including the 2nd match in which they trailed by 40 points in the 3rd and deciding game.  They finally tied the game at 74, 75 is game.  Moulton made his hammer to win the match.  The semifinal went three games; they lost the lag for color but won the third game on the off color to make it to the Championship match.  They trailed 59-45 in the 1st game when Earl Ball gave up 25 points on his hammer from the foot in trying to win the game but stopped short at 74 giving Moulton the chance to win with the next hammer, which he did.  They won the next game and match easily for the Championship.

In the Women’s division, the “Tiny Tower of Power”, Glenda Brake of the Zephyrhills Club won her 5th State Championship of the season while teamed with Katie Walker also of the Zephyrhills Club to win the Championship.  They only lost one game and that was in the semis to the team that included Betmar’s Green Jacket worthy (1000 points) Joan Cook.

Earl Ball reporting from Betmar.  2017 02 01.  Go here for complete results: http://www.fsa-shuffleboard.org/Tournaments/P18A_Results.txt  Go here for P18B http://www.fsa-shuffleboard.org/Tournaments/P18B_Results.txt

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