Young Shufflers of Brooklyn, NY Line Up To Purchase This Pic!! This Pic on This Shirt!!

We Invite Our Readers To

Royal Palms T-Shirt

Woman above needs no introduction!!  She is a First Class Shuffler!!  She is the First Female to Serve as the President of the International Shuffleboard Assn.!! 

At the risk of giving away her identity, click to read the supporting remarks for her induction into he ISA Hall of Fame by Michael Zellner.

And now we give you remarks by the Creator of the Idea!! “The young shufflers of Brooklyn now know that Myrna Bilton isn’t just a tasty cocktail but also the President of the ISA and an incredible shuffler! After a run of Shuffleboard Bob Fan Club T-shirts quickly sold out, we printed up a set of Myrna Bilton Fan Club shirts and they’re selling like hot cakes!  Jonathan Schnapp.  And now to the back of the Shirt:



Just in case you have not guessed who we are talking about, send an e-mail to

I have a hunch she may be able to help you!!   Posted by Stan on 2017 02 07.
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3 Responses to Young Shufflers of Brooklyn, NY Line Up To Purchase This Pic!! This Pic on This Shirt!!

  1. dennyindayton says:

    Stan, not to jump a topic, but how can I post a slide show of some old photos my Grandfather took? Best I can tell they are of a tournament the Little River Club in the 1950’s.


  2. Bill and Maureen says:

    What a tribute!


  3. Myrna Bilton says:

    Special Thanks to my friends at the Royal Palms for my “drink” and “T shirt”.
    Happy Shuffling to my fans.


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