John Brown Article #16 of 2016-2017. 2017 02 08.

                         100 C. Pr.  Ron NurnbergerNEW SCHEDULES AVAILABLE NOW

     All Florida and Southwest Coast District tournament players, spouses, families and fans are wise to get the new schedules while they last.  District President Ron Nurnberger is distributing them to players already.  Club presidents should obtain at least one to reproduce for all club members who need or want one.  A current schedule is very helpful for planning the new season which lasts from October 2017 to April 2018.

     Active players like myself carry one constantly so that conflicts may be avoided, if possible.  Vacations, health appointments, travel, etc., can often interfere with tournaments if you are uninformed.  I normally have about 26 different partners each year so early verification takes a while each season.  New players especially may not realize the challenges in scheduling, so please remind friends who may not see this column.  If you are willing to try, you may be able to help a new player to learn how to play better and make progress through your example, experience and partnership.

     Serious players should study the new schedule carefully as a few changes could be tricky because  changes might be overlooked and you could miss something.  Tri-Par has no tournaments, Bradenton Tropical Palms has an extra with a new date or two after a trade with Bradenton.  Also D-4 at Golf Lakes says Single/Mingles, which has never before been in the sanctioned schedule.  So, heads up!

     Six Pros conducted a school for about 40 players at Mt. Vernon last month which went very well.  We can respond to any club, or group of clubs who want to improve their play.  Call Ron Nurnberger at (231) 690-1517 or John L. Brown (941) 756-8548 if your club desires a shuffleboard school .   We attempt to meet the needs and desires of each player, taking into consideration experience, desires, skills, special issues, etc.  Happy Shuffling.


     FL P-18A, Jan. 30 at Betmar, M/L Open Doubles, 75 points.  Men’s Consolation: 1. Dwayne Cross-Lloyd Schmidt.

     FL A-16A, Jan. 30 at Paradise Bay, Any Ams/Any Doubles, 75 points.  Main: 1. Arnie Congdon-Donald Brun, 2. Kay Lynn Duncan-Charlotte Broda, 3. Bernie Broda-Steve Biscontine, 4. Bill Jenkins-Emmons Berry.  Consolation:  2. Wilma and Linden Terwilliger, 3. Gilles Emard-Ned Fogarty, 4. David Patchkowski-Jim Clark.

     SWCD D-15, Feb. 2. At Bradenton, M/L  Doubles  Restricted to St. Ams and Pros, 75 points.  Ladies Main: 1. Terri Smith-Sue Minnich, 2. Flo Kowalewski-Adriana Cramton, 3. Nancy Sclafani-Heather Godson , 4. Evelyn White-Bonnie Walker.  Consolation: 1. Joyce Marquis-Marilyn Everett, 2. Marlene Coburn-Pam Nurnberger, 3. Siggy Gudzus-Pat Tomko, 4. Kathy Laver-Margaret Hartzler.  Men Main: 1. Ralph Lozano-Jerry Stannard, 2.David Kudro-Jerry Everett, 3. Darrel Blake-Bob Kendall, 4. Ed Leonard-Dave Minnich.  Consolation: 1. Jim Smith-David Welsh, 2. Peter Berg-Larry Taylor, 3. Bill Batdorff-J.R. Rathburn, 4. Dan Lake-Phil Booher.

     SWCD A-12, Feb. 3 at Bradenton, Any Ams/Any Doubles, 16f/75 points.  Main: 1. Paul Johnson-Cau Huynh, 2. Rita and Frank Marderosian, 3. Larry and Mary Fowler, 4. David Evenson-Doug Smith. Consolation:  1. Patrick and Elaine Antaya, 2. Ken Laver-Larry Bennett, 3. John Hechinger-Rick Hall, 4. Gilles Emard-Ken Mather.


February 9 SWCD D-16 at Bradenton, M/L Draw Doubles, 16f/75 pts, Restricted to St. Ams and Pros.

 February 10, SWCD A-12 at Bradenton, Draw Doubles, Any Ams/Any Doubles, 16f/75 pts.

February 13 FL P-20A at Golf Lakes, P-20B at Leesburg, M/L Open Doubles, 75 pts.

 February 14, FL A-18 at Golf Lakes, Any Ams/Any Doubles 75 pts.

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