Breaking News!! Myrna Bilton Presented her “T-Shirt”!!

img_1823img_1826 Muriel Burnett Speaks:  Stan; here is a follow up to your previous article on the Myrna Bilton Tee-Shirt.

At Riverwoods Park this morning, Joyce Smith, Vice-President of the FSA Southern District, and ISA Secretary, presented this tee shirt to Myrna Bilton, in living colour. (See pix above.)

Jonathan Schnapp from Royal Palms in New York, sent the tee shirt for Myrna.
Seen at the top are pictures of Southern District President, Bob Smith – holding the tee shirt, Myrna Bilton and Joyce Smith.
Looking on, we have George Pigeon, Susie Gawinski, Dick Widdis, Roy Babcock, Grant McRae and Ray Hammond.

Myrna is the serving President of the International Shuffleboard Association.
Congratulations Myrna.

Muriel Burnett

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One Response to Breaking News!! Myrna Bilton Presented her “T-Shirt”!!

  1. Murray and Muriel Burnett says:

    Congratulations Myrna, and thank you Joyce and Bob for providing me with the pictures.


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