(hofc1) PLEASE Copy AND Post on your park bulletin board IF you live in the Central District!!

Ginny and Jim Chandler

Ginny and Jim Chandler


Ginny Chandler Speaks:  Come have fun where the north, central and southern parts of our District are together to celebrate our inductees. 

This year’s HOF Classic will be held Friday, March 10 at Winter Haven  (NO RAIN DATE). Registration will be that day also. The cost is $ 6.00 per person.

We ask that you bring a variety of finger foods to share with everyone. There will be no lunch served, only finger food. (sandwiches, fruit, veggies, desserts, and snacks). Coffee will be available, and water from the fountain.

We are having a different format this year. It will be Singles/Mingles, six (6) twelve (12) frame games. Hopefully, this will be run on the computer with regular tournament forms made out. Tournament play will begin around 9:00 AM, so please be there NO LATER than 8:30 AM.

We will have more info about the INDUCTION CEREMONY at a later date , when we know all of the inductees.

For any questions, contact Ginny/Jim Chandler at (207)461-0720 / (207)461-0830. Leave a message, please and we will call you back.

Money for gift cards may be given to Jim/Marlene Corbeil, tel. (863)318-8629.


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