(hofc2) One Month From To-day, the Central District holds their 12th Consecutive Hall of Fame Classic!!

The very first Central District HOF Classic got off with a BANG, and has continued similarly for 12 years!!!!  The 2017 Classic takes place Friday, March 10th, at Winter Haven.  Below is an article I posted on the occasion of the VERY FIRST Hall of Fame Classic of 2005!!! 


LARRY BROWNHall of Fame Classic – Winter Haven. (Larry Brown Speaks !) I would personally like to take the time to thank Stan & Alf for the publicity and the money that The Shuffler put forth for our first Hall of Fame Classic. I would like to thank Lofty Haskim, Diana Morrison and Chick & Irene Cowell for their monetary donation. I want to thank Ralph & Roberta Day, Max & Ruth Tate, Gus & Marie Bondi & Ruth Brown for the gift certificates to various restaurants for door prizes. I want to thank all the shufflers that brought refreshments that were enjoyed throughout the day. I would like to thank the Winter Haven Club who donated their time, who allowed us to use their facility and materials, all free of charge, I might add. I must add a special thanks to Lois McCormack who printed the tickets, to Lorraine Pollock for taking care of the money, and a big, big thanks to Ruth Tate for having the chart & the name tags prepared. As a result of this tournament, not only was money raised for our Hall Of Fame room, but approximately 8 to 10 new shufflers participated in the tournament and discovered they liked the competition.

More than half of the 96 players who registered to play in this tournament would like to see our format of 16 frames, 8 on each color, incorporated into District play. As first vice president of the Central District, it is becoming very clear to me that the majority of people like to try different formats of the game. Our willingness to offer something new is why the Central District has fast become the hot spot of shuffling in the State of Florida. Thanks to all. Larry Brown, Hall of Fame Chairman.

NOTE FROM THE SHUFFLER: Stan and Alf enjoyed being a partner in this event and look forward to continuing that support in 2006. As noted by Larry, it was all of the contributors and all of the participants who made this event such a success!! There was one person that Larry missed in his acknowledgements, and that one person was the individual who was the leader in each of the activities mentioned by him. Of course, that person was Larry himself!! He created an environment in which others wanted to make a contribution. One additional item. As pointed out by President Tate when accepting his Hall of Fame plaque, it was Larry Brown who gave birth to the very idea of a Hall of Fame. Thanks Larry from each of those you identified, and thanks from the Central District Membership. It has been our pleasure to work with You and Ruth.

Stan and Alf of THE SHUFFLER 2005 03 19.


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