P20B Zephyrhills Players Dominate!! Another Great Article by Earl Ball!!


18-earl-ball (2)Earl Ball Speaks: The Florida Shuffleboard Associations Leesburg Championship held on February 13th and 14th, was dominated by Zephyrhills Shufflers.  The Men’s division Champions are Gary McGaffey and John Houghtaling of the Zephyrhills Shuffle Club; one of our most powerful teams.  Gary won his 1st State Championship earlier this season and this is Johns 1st State Championship victory.  We expect many more!They scraped through the 1st match in three games against a strong local team and didn’t get tested again until the Championship match, which also went three very close, hard fought games against the team of Zephyrhills Mike Seyfer and Leesburg’s Hawthorne Clubs top player, Rob Robinson.  The score was 68-60 in a 75 point game to decide the Champions.  Seyfer got two scores on the board giving him game point but Houghtaling removed one score and held his hammer preserving the victory and removing the pressure from McGaffey.

cooksteadmanIn the Women’s division Joan Cook of the Zephyrhills Betmar Club continues to dominate and impress upon all of us why she is a “Green Jacket Master” (1000 points).  She teamed with Charlotte Steadman of the Lakeland Club to win the Championship; Steadman’s 1st ever.  They really weren’t tested until the Championship match which went three games against Zephyrhills Club members Katie Walker and Linda Marshman.  Walker and Marshman had a great opportunity at the end of the match with the hammers and a 69-68 lead.  Cook almost certainly was going to lose but pushed her last shot out on the board.  If Walker takes her off and holds she wins and even if she doesn’t hold Marshman will have a chance to complete the deal.  A legend will make you nervous and Walker knows that first hand as she took her shot and failed to remove Cooks block and rolled her block off the board.

To read the Complete Leesburg Results: http://www.fsa-shuffleboard.org/Tournaments/P20B_Results.txt  Golf Lakes Results not yet posted.

Article by Earl Ball!!  Pix sent along by Earl Ball!! Rx 2017 02 14.

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