Searching for Information Vis-a-vis the Historical Pic Below. 2017 02 14

Shuffleboard Promotion. Beauty Contest. Would it Work To-day??

Shuffleboard Promotion. Beauty Contest. Would it Work To-day??

This month, Feb of 2017, Dennis Gray has once again made contact to express his interest in preserving Shuffleboard History.  Kenny Offenther is working with him, as am I.  He has sent along a sample of pix from a “New find”.  He is endeavouring to determine the location, and approximate time this pic were taken. PLEASE LEAVE YOUR ASSESSMENT IN THE COMMENTS SECTION.  Our OBJECTIVE is to have the Story, and the PIX  preserved > perhaps on line OR PERHAPS in a museum/library.

Dennis Gray Speaking in 2012:  Hello my name is Dennis Gray.  My grandfather was Floyd Gray owner of the Dimco-Gray company of Dayton OH, which through the 1960’s was the premier manufacturer of shuffleboard disks and equipment.  My grandfather passed away in 1960, my father took over the company, running until 1986 when he sold it to it’s employees.  Shuffleboard equipment was discontinued in the mid 1970’s.  Click once on files below to expand.   Stan McCormack.  2012 12 11.

Click here to see other pix Dennis shared with us 

Stan McCormack.  2017 02 14.


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