(hofc4) We Share With You the Story of How the FL CD Hall of Fame Came To Be.

Great Crowd; a normal crowd for the HOF Classic and INDUCTIOINS

Great Crowd; a normal crowd for the HOF Classic and INDUCTIOINS

I do hope the article to follow, by Larry Brown, will be of interest, NOT ONLY to the Central District of FL, but also to Shufflers everywhere!!  The CD will, on 2017 03 10, induct qualified shufflers into their Hall Of Fame FOLLOWING the Hall of Fame Classic, both at Winter Haven. To see who were our very first CD Inductees, AND OTHERS, go here:   http://www.fsa-centraldistrict.org/Hall_Fame.htm  Click on any pic to read the supporting remarks.   

At this time, that is when the CD began their HALL OF FAME, we did not have a Hall of Fame Classic.  Pic below is of Larry and Ruth at the State Banquet of 2005.  Stan 2016 03 11.

Browns Ruth & Larry at State Banq. 2005Larry Brown speaking in 2009: In the early to mid 1990’s Ruth and I were introduced to Central District tournament play and we would overhear other shufflers talking about District meetings and Executive Board. A couple of years later we decided to attend a few meetings to see what it was all about. At one of these meetings Clarence Wright and Richard Buchannan, suggested I should consider going onto the Board. As they said: “We need new and younger people and we have another young man to go with you is Max Tate”.

In the 99-2000 season, Max and I were elected on the Board as 2nd and 3rd vice presidents to team with Fred Wilkens as 1 St vice president and Pete Romano as President. As I was getting more and more interested in shuffleboard I would read the FSA Preview cover to cover. I noticed that only 2 of the 7 Districts in the State of Florida had a District Hall of Fame. At my very first meeting as the 3rd Vice President, I asked what I thought was a very simple question. How come the Central District does not have a Hall of Fame? Within minutes the Board agreed, and Richard Buchannan suggested since I brought it to their attention, that I should collect information and submit a plan to the Board. I immediately contacted the Southern District and the East Coast District to see if they would share their rules and criteria to their HOF. We took some ideas from each District and added ideas of our own and presented it to the Central District Board in the year 2001. After the Board made a few changes, it was approved as it now stands with three categories, Player, President and Special Award.

In the 2004-2005 season a committee was formed to find a location where pictures, plaques, etc. could be displayed. The Board was looking for a location in the center of the District and the Winter Haven Shuffleboard Club graciously offered a room at the Winter Haven Club.

At about this time Stan McCormack and Alf Primeau, both of The Central District, seized the opportunity to capture the supporting remarks for each Inductee, add their photograph and maintain a Virtual Hall of Fame on their website (The Shuffler). Their thinking was that the Virtual Hall of Fame allowed friends of the Inductee, regardless of where they lived, to go on line and enjoy the story and accompanying photographs. Stan and Alf maintained the Central District Virtual HOF until 2009 at which time they presented the concept, including the photos and supporting remarks of all HOF Members, to the CD Board. The CD Virtual HOF is now maintained by the CD Webmaster.

The initial curators of the Winter Haven CD HOF were Ruth and Larry Brown. The current curators are Jim and Marlene Corbeil.  There is a 5” X 7” photograph of each Inductee hanging in the HOF. Larry and Ruth have also added other items of interest intended to help us remember the people and places of Shuffleboard at an earlier time. Ruth maintains an attractive photo album originally created by Lois McCormack and donated to the Central District by The Shuffler. The talent of both women is evident!  CHECK IT OUT!!

We encourage all Shufflers to pay a visit to this CD HOF in the Winter Haven Club.

Larry and Ruth Brown. CD Hall of Fame Original Curators.   

Stan McCormack 2017 02 16

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