International Shuffleboard is Alive and Well by Jim Allen. 2017 02 19

Jim Allen Speaks:  Just chatting with Beth today about the status of International Shuffleboard, and we find it exciting for a number of reasons.  First of all, in the next couple of weeks there are 2 events that involve 6 countries.
european-openMarch 2-5 brings us the first ever European Championships, with players from the United Kingdom, Norway, Austria and the host country, Germany.   For many of these players it is their first taste of International competition, and no doubt they will be anxious for more after this event.  I believe 48 total players will test their skills in this event that is being held in Hohenroda, Germany, the sight of the 2010 World Championships.
The following week in St Pete, Florida brings on the Can-Am Tournament.  Amateur can-am-2017players from the USA will compete and crown an American Champion, and players from Canada will compete and crown a Canadian Champion.  These 2 winners will then play for the Can-Am Championship!   No need to pre-register – just show up to the St Pete Shuffleboard Club on March 11th at 8:30.  The best part – all players are guaranteed 5 matches and the cost is just $6.   Over 80 players are expected.
brazil-logoAnd of course, the plans for the 2017 World Championships in Brazil are being finalized with great success expected there.  The host country expects to have 15 or more players compete which will support the Brazilian Shuffleboard Association even more, and players from 7 other nations have already registered.   There still is time for players from all over the world to sign up for this July event.

So you can see that shuffleboard is going strong all over the world!  Cheers, Jim, 2017 02 19

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One Response to International Shuffleboard is Alive and Well by Jim Allen. 2017 02 19

  1. Myrna Bilton says:

    Lots of exciting shuffleboard news from around the world
    Happy Shuffling everyone
    Myrna Bilton
    ISA President


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