We Regret To Inform You That Ralph Day of Avon Park “Left Us” early this morning, 2017 02 21.

Able Teacher; Able Player, Able Organizer. Ralph Day, Friend of Stu

RALPH DAY Able Teacher; Able Player, Able Organizer; Great Friend. May he rest in peace!!

Shuffler Ralph Day lived in Avon Park; shuffler Ralph Day was a FORCE in Avon Park; a force that held the Avon Park Club together in recent years.  Shuffler Ralph Day “left us” this morning at 03:00 hrs.  May he Rest in Peace.

Ralph served the Avon Park membership as an active and willing individual, helping wherever he could.  This included performing duties as President, as Tournament Director and holding various offices of the club.  For the past several years, Ralph was the prime organizer of the very popular Davis Memorial; he took care of the promotion; he often acted as the MC at the event, AND he was the Tournament Director!!   Like so many other shufflers, Ralph seemed to gain more enjoyment from helping the sport, than actively competing!!  In this he excelled!



I am now going to post a pic of Ralph enjoying LIFE.  Click on pic to expand.   You will be glad you did!!  Ralph was a member of the US ISA Team in Lakeside, OH on the occasion of the 25th ISA.

Harold and Rose Comeau wrote this on 2016 09 08:  Ralph Day from Avon park was taken to hospital Saturday last > 2016 09 03.  Rose and I went to visit him this morning (2016 09 08) and they were getting him home. We had a brief talk.  He had a heart attack and they operated on Tuesday so he is recovering well.  Please keep him in your prayers.   Harold and Rose Comeau.   Stan speaks: As of 2017 02 21 21:20 I have been unable to access Ralph’s obituary.  I know that Ralph was in his mid 80s.  Further details will be posted on the Sebring FB Site: https://www.facebook.com/groups/239655576080509/  >> when, if they become available.

Stan McCormack.  2017 02 21



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