A19A FSA State Amateur Tournament held at Sebring, FL. Sent along by Marti Noble

Taking 1st; Bruce Schidler and

Taking 1st; Bruce Schidler and Leland Welch

It was also a week of firsts at the A19A State Amateur tournament held in Sebring. With 24 teams competing, Sebring’s very own Leland Welch, 87 years young, wins his very first, 1st Place finish with his friend and partner, Bruce Shidler. Leland, after having to take several years away from competing, also made his State Amateur rank with this win. Could he possibly become the oldest in history to turn Pro in his future? Stay tuned.

roy-briegel and bob phiferIt was a hard fought fight to the finish in the 3rd game of the final match against two friends from Ohio, Roy Briegel of Sebring and his partner Bob Phifer, one of Betmar’s finest. The lead must’ve changed hands at least five times with Leland and Bruce prevailing. Congratulations to all!  This tournament also welcomed two new tournament players , Bob & Nancy Bickel. They were welcomed with open arms and kind hearts and had a great time as well. For complete results, go here:  http://www.fsa-shuffleboard.org/Tournaments/A19A_Results.txt  For the Results of A19B, go here: http://www.fsa-shuffleboard.org/Tournaments/A19B_Results.txt

Big Thank You to Marti Noble for sending along pix and commentary!!  Stan 2017 02 22


3rd Main; Gary

3rd Main; Gary Sorko & Don Fredley


4th Main, Brenda and Ron Dawson

4th Main, Brenda and Ron Dawson

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