Curling and Shuffleboard contribute to a Strong Sense of Community!!

Scotties Tournament of Hearts!!

Scotties Tournament of Hearts!!

For some, curling is an exciting sport and treasured Canadian pastime.

Others think it’s just a big game of shuffleboard on ice.

On Wednesday, the day before International Curling is Cool Day, the Unconventional Panel weighed in on if curling is cool.

This week’s panel included Shelley Youngblut, director of Wordfest, George Brookman, CEO of West Canadian Industries, and stand-up comedian Trent McClellan

Q: Is curling cool?  Trent: It’s not cool.

Watching a bunch of people just slowly watching something go down the ice to me is not exciting at all. I just wonder ‘why is this happening?’

George: We used to curl when we were young.

I think it’s an amazing sport. I don’t seek it out but when it comes on when I’m watching television, I can’t turn it off. Their capability of putting that rock on that button is incredible skill.

Shelley: It has it’s own surface, it has it’s own sound, it has discs, it has brooms … it has those sweaters, it has tams, and most important of all, it has rum.

Q: Is curling actually a sport?
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