(hofc 5) 2017 CTL District HOF Classic Begins 2017 03 10. How? When? and Why? Did it Begin??


From left to right we have, Ruth and Larry Brown; Lois and Stan McCormack; Ruth and Max Tate; and Lorraine and Bill Pollock.  Pic taken on the Courts at the location of the HOF Classic, Winter Haven, FL.  Above pic taken in 2005.


NOTE: Pic above taken on 2016 02 27 at the Brown Residence on the occasion of the Celebration of the Beginning of the HOF Classic!! Although it was not planned, the position of each of us is approximately the same!!

The First Question one may ask: “How and Why did the HOF Classic Come About?”   Our purpose is to raise sufficient funds to maintain our HOF.  In searching for an amicable method to raise funds, our HOF Curator in 2005, Larry Brown, a “fun guy himself”, wanted something that would meet the financial objective while meeting the social needs of the Shufflers!!  The event to-day strikes a balance between the “tough competition” of the rigorous winter schedule and the desire to celebrate with fellow shufflers.  The format in 2005 was a Team Event, a format which proved immensely popular at that time ~~ so much so that we had a standby list of those wishing to play but could not, because we just did not have sufficient Courts.  Shuffleboard has been their catalyst for recreation; for social activities, and for a wonderful winter.

We invite all readers, Snow Birds or full time residents, to consider taking up Shuffleboard!!  There will be a Club in your vicinity ~~ we promise!!  You too can share in the joys and rewards the many Shufflers are experiencing here to-day!!  AND, we will end the day by enjoying dinner with each other!!  IT JUST DOES NOT GET ANY BETTER!!

This year’s event takes place on 2017 03 10 at Winter Haven.  This is a festive occasion, not a Tournament in the normal sense.  Format has changed: 2017 format will be Singles/Mingles.  Go here to read the official announcement: https://theshuffler.net/2017/02/10/hofc1-please-copy-and-post-on-your-park-bulletin-board-if-you-live-in-the-central-district/

We will recognize and honour those going into the CD Hall of Fame, both Players and Special Awards.  This is always (since 2005) been a Great Day!  Be sure and watch the Slide Show which will be linked in one of the articles to follow.

Here is a link you may find of interest:   Hall of Fame Classic born  This article is posted/published, in Category FSA (All Districts)


Stan McCormack.  2017 02 23.

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