1st Place Houghtaling on the left; Walker on the right!!

1st Place Houghtaling on the left; Walker on the right!!

John Houghtaling and Lyle Walker of the Zephyr Shuffle Club, drew each other as Partners for the Central District Championship held at the Zephyrhills, Betmar Club, on February 23rd and they won the Championship.

They lost one game in the tournament and that was in the semi-finals where they also trailed by 35 points in the deciding 3rd game but made a big come back to reach the finals where waiting were Jerry Collins, Zephyr Club, and Earl Ball, Betmar Club.  The 1st game was anyone’s to win but John and Lyle won and finished things off winning the 2nd game too allowing Lyle to tie Jerry Collins for the final “Masters” spot with one tournament left in the season.  That’s right Shufflers; the end of season District Championships are coming up SOON!  Below are the current standings as of 2017 02 25.  Should be a great DISTRICT MASTERS.  The final field will not be determined until March 9th.  We will share the final standings with you!!!  Event is at Sebring.

cLname cFname cClub nMstPts
Ball * Earl Betmar 31
Myklejord Dean Lakeland 23
Houghtaling John ZSC 22
Stockman Doug Sanlan 20
Hoskins Bob Sebring 19
Morton Keith Sebring 17
Ruess DeLane Betmar 17
Seyfer Michael ZSC 15
Walker Lyle ZSC 14
Collins Jerry ZSC 14


Many thanks to Earl Ball for sending this information along!!  Stan 2017 02 25.

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