linderhouse2-25-17Ray Linder and Don House of the Betmar Shuffleboard Club won the Central District Amateur Championship held at Betmar on February 25th.  They barely got past the 2nd match in three games and if they hadn’t won the lag for color may have missed their chance.  The only other match they were challenged in was the Championship match when they trailed big time in the 2nd game but made a gallant comeback for victory and the Championship.  Here are the complete results:  The above Amateur Event was CDA18B     Feb 24-25 (Fri)    Betmar        All Amateur Draw Doubles                75pts .  CDA18A was held at Sebring.  I am unable to locate the official results of either of the above referenced Tournaments. I now give you the current standings for the REINY commencing March 16th at Sebring.  Article by Earl Ball.  2017 02 25.

cLname cFname cClub nMstPts
Dawson Ron Winter Haven 28
Badgley Bill ZSC 21
Pembroke Bob Lakeland 20
Branham Jerry Lakeland 20
Lacombe Ross ZSC 19
Sorko Gary Avon Park 16
Sanborn Dave Lakeland 15
Lindner Raymond Betmar 12
Foley Jim Lakeland 11
Edgett Wayne ZSC 10



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