John Brown Article #19 of 2016-2017. 2017 03 01.


      Levi Miller and John Roberson won life eligibility in the coveted Tournament of Champions by placing first in the main event of the DeSoto Doubles at Trailer Estates.  The Desoto Doubles is itself historic in that Trailer Estates has hosted it for about half a century now.  And the Tournament of Champions is very special also, having been hosted by Clearwater for almost as long.

All Florida Tournaments in the Upper Division, listed on page 74 of the current PREVIEW are Open to any member of a shuffle club which is a member of one of the seven districts except the Tournament of Champions and the Florida Masters.  One must qualify for those last two tournaments each year.

In the Florida Masters, the top 8 men and top 8 ladies are eligible.  If one or more decline to play, the next highest point-earner is eligible. At the Tournament of Champions, you must be a Pro and further qualify.

If a Pro places in Consolation of a Tournament on Page 74 this season, he or she is eligible.  Second, third or fourth in the Main Event gives two years of eligibility.  And First Place in the Main Event of an Open Florida Tournament (page 74) gives life-time eligibility.  So congratulations to Levi Miller and John Roberson as they earned it fairly and squarely.

Levi Miller is a retired farmer and a woodcutter from Holmes County, OH.  He helps care for the courts at Bradenton Shuffle Club in Winter.  John Roberson and his wife live in Golf Lakes.  A retired United Methodist Minister, he and I attended the same seminary at the same time in the 1970’s.

The above explanation about qualifications is given because of frequent misunderstandings.  The designation, such as FL P-01, should be FL O-01 because it is not just for Pros, it is OPEN to all.  Also, some players do not realize the Tournament of Champions is only Open to Pros.  And some may not realize an Amateur could theoretically earn enough points to play in the Florida Masters even if not becoming a Pro until next October.

Saturday, March 4, the Spring Southwest Coast District Open Board Meeting will be held at 1:00 at Bradenton Shuffle Club.  The voting members are the Executive Board Members and Club Presidents or their Delegate who need written delegation from a Club President.  Any player or club member is welcome to attend and even speak to issues without vote.  Your opinion is welcome.

Issues March 4 will include election of officers, points, Masters, and SWCD Hall of Fame issues.  Also FSA officer candidates and committee members are available to interested volunteers.  You can speak to President Ron or State Delegate Jerry if interested.  Happy Shuffling.


FL P-21A Feb. 20 DeSoto Doubles at Trailer Estates, M/L , 75 points.  Men Main: 1. Levi Miller-John Roberson, 2. John L. Brown, 3. Dave Kudro-Jim Miller, 4. Ben Coy-Faren VanDeGrift.  Consolation: 1. Gerry Curwin-Jerry Everett 2. Ron Nurnberger-Larry Taylor.  Ladies Main: 2. Lois Wegner-Marlene Coburn.  Consolation: 1. Erika Berg-Siggy Gudzus, 2. Pat Tomko-Linda Wallingford, 4. Lydia Yoder- Eva Mae Lake.

SWCD D-18 Feb. 23 at Bradenton Tropical Palm, M/L Doubles, 75 points.  Ladies Main: 1. Arlene McCague-Ann Dirkse, 2. Jane Schram-Sharon Hoyt, 3. Kathy Smith-Terri Smith, 4. Bonnie Wlker-Heather Godson.  Consolation: 1. Jill DeBruyne-Eva Mae Lake, 2.Pam Nurnberger-Donna Schultz, 3.Nancy Sclafani-Carol Maxwell ,4. Joan Curwin-Evelyn White.  Men Main: 1. Steve Slaughterbeck-Arnie Congdon, 2. Peter Berg-Dwayne Cross, 3. Don Gray-Jerry Rahl, 4. Dave Kudro-Ron Nurnberger.  Consolation: 1. Tom Putnam-Gilbert Broadhead, 2. Al Kaleel-Ed Leonard, 3. Elmer Heisler-Dan Lake, 4. John Mickle-Joe Kent.

SWCD A-14 Feb. 24 at Bradenton Tropical Palms, Any Ams/Any Doubles, 75 points.  Main: 1. Jean Felske-Josephine Casey, 2. Emmanuel Mullett-Melvin Mullett, 3. Bill Bierema-Frank Marderosian, 4. Cindy Slaughterbeck-Elaine Antaya.  Consolation: 1. Richard McCowan-Charles Stannard, 2. Bernie Broda-Sandra Kolasinski, 3. Tony Souza-John Hechinger, 4. Janice O’Sullivan-Charlotte Broda.


March 2 SWCD D-19 at Palmetto, M/L, Minimum 1 District Am each Team, 16/75 points.

March 6 FL P-23A at Ft. Pierce, M/L Doubles, 75 points . P-23B at Betmar, M/L Doubles, 75 points.

FL A-21 at Melbourne Tropical Haven, Any Amateurs/Any Doubles. 75 points.


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