We Need A ClothsePin!! A Very Special ClothsePin!! Read to see if you can HELP!!

this is your chance

This is your chance to RISE TO THE CHALLENGE!!

Gary Pipher Speaks: I have run into a problem and thought one of your readers might be the person who could help me out!!

20161202_153341I have made up a few shuffleboard disk polishers over the winter but now I am in desperate need of a left hand wound clothespin spring to activate the return of  the left side disc   ejection flipper .

Left hand wound springs can be found on some styles of wooden clothespins as shown in the photo above.

I have checked with many sources and have purchased what was shown to be available on both EBAY and Amazon to be the correct clothespins with the left wound spring.

But when I receive their shipments each supplier sends me the incorrect one. 

Since this is shuffleboard related I was wondering if you might possibly post a few lines on your blog that would reach out  to the many shuffleboard players just in case someone might be able to help. 

The photo above shows clothespins with both the left and right hand wound springs.

I am in need of the clothes pin shown in the photo at the bottom, that is with the word “Left” on it.  Let’s consider this as a challenge!!  Let’s see if someone can rise to the CHALLENGE!!  Gary’s e-mail is:   Garypipher@gmail.com

Regards  Gary Pipher 2017 03 02

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